» » Bratty Foot Girls - Naomi Swann - Stinky Gamer Feet 2

Bratty Foot Girls - Naomi Swann - Stinky Gamer Feet 2

Bratty Foot Girls - Naomi Swann - Stinky Gamer Feet 2

Ninja is still smarting from last time Naomi challenged him to gaming, being much older than the 18 year old he felt he had an edge on the PS4 but was proven very wrong. He's now resorted to falling back on a system he's sure to have an edge on her on. The PS3. She comes in with a big grin and asks what he's doing. he tells her this time it'll be different as he has played the PS3 for way longer than she has. She takes his challenge and before he knows it she has already easily beaten the challenge he gave her. His head drops as he knows what is to come. Those very stinky vinegary soles of her have been marinating in her converse all day and she knows he's in for it as he's lost the dare and has to do what she wants. Memories of the first time she made him smell her feet flood through his brain and the dread sets in. She puts tape over his mouth and grins as she makes him take off her shoes. The smell is pungent and hits his nostrils like a sledgehammer. She laughs as he recoils as she wiggles her sweaty toes towards his nose. She tells him to sniff and he does as he is told. She sits on him and starts rubbing the sweat all over his face. That Gym class stink mixed with vinegar is strong and she spreads her toes over his nose ensuring he gets every bit of toejam! This time is gonna be worse much worse as she makes him get on the floor and starts standing on him and really shoving her feet in his face. Total humilation is the only thing that will make her happy!

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