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Mistress Irene - A Perfect Summer Day

Mistress Irene - A Perfect Summer Day

As this scene opens, Mistress Irene enjoys a lovely summer day outside and uses her slave as a footstool. She says she keeps the slave out of the sun because she likes her slaves white and pasty looking. She soon gets him on his knees to lick her dirty feet and give her a nice foot massage. "A slave should have many functions" she says. After all, being a footstool is hardly a skill one can expect to get by on. Irene has long sexy feet and tasty toes to match.

The angles in this clip are so realistic you'll imagine it's you under that mask. Irene makes the slave open his mouth and face fucks him with her entire foot. "It's the only fucking he gets" she says, adding "Sometimes I might let him in the room while a real man is fucking me." The slave licks the entire surface of both feet before Irene reveals her sweaty armpits, which look amazing beside her exposed tits. The slave sucks each toe, one at a time, and when he gets to the big one, Irene points out that it's bigger than his cock. And if all that isn't enough, Irene rolls over on the chair to expose her amazing ass, and tells the slave to crawl in and kiss her ass cheeks. You've just gotta love summer!

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