» » Domme Kyaa - Deepening Your Foot Fetish, Jerk Only To Feet

Domme Kyaa - Deepening Your Foot Fetish, Jerk Only To Feet

Domme Kyaa - Deepening Your Foot Fetish, Jerk Only To Feet

Look at my pretty little toes and I want you to think carefully slave boy, do my toes turn you on more than pussy? Would you rather look at my cute feet than a pussy? You’re not a ‘normal’ guy. You’re a perv, a freak, almost all men are. And if you find that you just want to jerkoff to my feet all day long, well then you have a serious foot fetish. And this makes you potentially a good foot slave. Would you like to be my foot slave? You see even for freaks like you there may be a purpose. Now get down on your knees and beg me, beg me to be a good foot slave for Goddess Kyaa. And I’m going to continue to reinforce that foot fetish of yours by making you jerk off to feet and only feet, regularly. I not only want you to jerkoff to my feet, but any feet you can find. I want you thinking about and jerking to feet all the time. I want feet to be the only thing your cock reacts to. And although I want you jerking to any feet all the time, you know that my feet are perfect, and you feel honored to be able to worship them. My toes and soles are so far above you. My cute and perfect feet make you so horny. Start stroking now, I’m going to deepen that foot fetish addiction of yours. Focus on my pretty feet, they’re so gorgeous, look how I spread my toes, it make you so fucking horny. You’re weak and you’re helpless, stroking your fucking cock to my feet. Soon you’re going to blow your load for my pretty feet and toes which turn you on more than pussy. But that’s alright, I encourage your foot fetish. I want you weak for my toes, thinking about nothing else. My feet in your face making you horny and stupid, this is the way it should be. You’re down there on the floor beneath me where you belong, a foot stroking slave. You’re going to make a disgusting loser mess for my feet and it’s going to feel so good. And soon you’re going to do it again and again and again, because being my foot slave begins with a deepening of your foot fetish. You are a slave to my feet. Thank me for this.

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