» » EXTREME FEET CLIPS - Anastasia Pierce's Blackmailing Foot Domination!!

EXTREME FEET CLIPS - Anastasia Pierce's Blackmailing Foot Domination!!

EXTREME FEET CLIPS - Anastasia Pierce's Blackmailing Foot Domination!!

Anastasia wakes from her slumber to find her daughter Amo parading in the front door wearing a skimpy black dress and hot black thigh highs. She stops her in her tracks yelling at her for dressing so slutty. She threatens to tell Amo's dad-unless Amo does something for her. She offers to not tell daddy if Amo rubs her sweet tired bare feet for her. Amo massages them with her tender hands as her mom continues to ridicule her. Amo apologizes for causing so much trouble but her mom tells her to show how sorry she really is. Amo gives Anastasia's feet some tender kisses on her perfectly painted toes. She wraps her mouth around her mom's toes sucking then kissing her soft pampered toes. Anastasia orders her to smell them as well. Amo takes some deep whiffs then proceeds to lick her precious feet. Amo stuffs her mom's toes in her mouth sucking on them as you watch super close up. You will be exploding watching this hot toe worship action! Amo licks all over Anastasia's soles from the heel all the way up the arch and to the toes. Anastasia's wrinkly soles will have you in sole heaven! Long wet licks on the bottoms of Anastasia's feet making mom a little less stressed. Amo continues to kiss and lick Anastasia's toes licking and kissing all over them. Amo licks in between her mom's toes with her long wet tongue flickering it right between them. Anastasia curls her toes over the tips of Amo's fingers flexing her feet arching and crunching them. Amo takes some more whiffs and continues her cleaning licking Anastasia's now wet soles and toes. She decides to send her daughter off to her room to get out of her slutty clothes smelling her own feet to make sure she did a good job cleaning them giving her own toes a good whiff then lies down to relax as you watch her sweet wrinkly soles rub along one another and her sweet painted toes curling and flexing. HOT FOOT WORSHIP ON THE DEMANDING YET SUPER SEXY ANASTASIA PIERCE!! SCREEN SIZE 720x480!!

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