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I WANT FEET - Lea Sleeps Taylor Eats

I WANT FEET - Lea Sleeps Taylor Eats

Lea's been out all night and arrives home in the early morning hours. She stumbles in obviously under the influence waking her roommate Taylor. She's managed to get out of her dress though it's unclear how long she's been without it! She enters the room in her bra and pantiens and high heels. The strappy heels are too much for her in her altered state and she quickly gives up and falls into bed. Taylor lays next to her and realizes that Lea was asleep literally as fast as her head hit the pillow. A few little taps to test the water, Taylor then turns her gaze on Lea's still heel-clad feet. Now's her chance. Lea is unaware but Taylor's been eyeballing and lusting for her roommates feet for some time. Always afraid to ask, Taylor has yet to make a move. What good fortune is this. She slinks her way down the bed and gazes at her heels. She tests her sleepy friend a few more times to see if she's asleep before she slowly begins to undo the straps on her heels. She slowly removes the first one and before long Lea's feet are bare and Taylor is having the time of her life. As she worships her feet she gets more and more bold until she's basically worshipping her feet like she would want to if her friend were awake. Luckily for Taylor, she gets her fill withouth waking Lea. When she felt like she'd pushed her luck far enough she climbs back onto the bed to gaze at her roomy lovingly. Lea wakens briefly to tell of a dream she had. Based on her comments the door may be open for Taylor to get more of what she craves!

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