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Sarah DiAvola - Jesus is a Bitch

Sarah DiAvola - Jesus is a Bitch

CUSTOM: "I would like to request 10 minute closeup pov foot fetish Christian religious blasphemous video. I want you to make me spank my meat for your soles as you say the worse blasphemes against my Christian god and savior. Make me silent as you confiscate my soul and instruct me to ooze and splooge my seed as a contract, sealing my fate confirming my damnation to hell as guilt by association with you and your evil soles.I would like the video to be a closeup POV while your soles are crossed at the ankle on a table. I would like you to slowly scrunch your soles and rub them together. I would like you say the worse blasphemous things you can think of.May I please request that you make the language as forceful, dominant and as raunchy as you can? I want to be dominated by you as you reign supreme over me. I want to have the most pleasurable conversion as you plunge and drag me down into the deepest depths of darkness under your wrinkled soles as I waste my fertilizer with a creamy, sloppy splooge.I was hoping that your feet can be at least as close to the camera as the picture below. I want to study all of the wrinkles, crevices and perfections of your soles as I spank my meat before you. I want it to be so good that I will be solely addicted to your soles for the rest of my pathetic worthless life"...and of course I nailed every single perverted detail.

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