» » French Girls - Selena, Anamera - Insanity

French Girls - Selena, Anamera - Insanity

French Girls - Selena, Anamera - Insanity

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Our new official French Girls Hard Slaps slave had not yet met Selena. DONE. We`re at the slave's flat because we had some problem with our usual place of shooting. Anamera and Selena in an INSANE DUO. FREAKING insane face-slapping, astonishing severity-Selena and Anamera are just SPLENDID and ULTRA SEXY. I think you`ve never heard smacks like that ! These girls are born with hands for slapping. As you know, Selena, a 19y/o student, is the girl with maybe the best face-slapping skills of the entire web, and she proves it again.
Selena orders the slaves to smell, kiss and lick her feet after he removed her ballet flats. She humiliates him, put her feet in his mouth, orders to clean them with the tongue and Selena and Anamera slap him as hard as they can. They orders him to kiss their hands. DAMN. Selena's hand are bruised at the end and the slave's face-I won't even talk about this! (Swollen as f-k). Anamera and Selena are insane.
As the end, the girls showed their burning palms.

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