» » Czech Soles - Bratty Daniela trampling in high heels

Czech Soles - Bratty Daniela trampling in high heels

Czech Soles - Bratty Daniela trampling in high heels

Daniela is this spoiled girl who's a bit arrogant. She has always been like this since elementary school, she did beat guys, wear high heels since 8th grade and even several times spitted a guy in his face while he was running away in humility. She's older now and little bit less bratty, but she is still not a good girl. She's at friend's - Simon's - place talking with him, or better yet talking to him - he's really not that interested in what she's saying. That is until the minute Daniela mentions how she once trampled a boy on elementary school, with her high heels on. He was bad to her so she was worse to him and beat him up, stepped on him a trampled him in high heels. That catches Simon's attention. You see, he really likes feet and nylons and most of all trampling. When girl stands on him, steps on his face and on his neck and he is helpless, beneath her, at her feet. So he starts to question Daniela immediately about the trampling and when she admits she actually really liked it, Simon tells her he actually like it too and if she would like to, they can try it right now. Daniela is all for it and tells Simon to lay on the floor. She's wearing nice high heels with thin heel...it is gonna hurt now. She steps onto Simon and immediately starts having fun, she stands on his neck and enjoys the feeling. Later on, she takes off her shoes and stands on Simon..is this what heaven feels like? It has to! And this is only the start!

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