» » Lady Fyre - Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs

Lady Fyre - Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs

Lady Fyre - Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs

You did the right thing by coming to me. I've seen this problem so much lately. There's so much porn available on the internet, and people are becoming increasingly disconnected. I know how to cure this. You have to be performing the act of masturbation during this therapy in order for it to be effective. Oh this? It's just some visual stimulation. I noticed that you like my legs. I want you to think about the hours of your life you've wasted jerking off, then I want you to focus on my legs & how they make you feel. You could jerk to them all day, couldn't you? So that's exactly what you're going to do. Once you go home, you're going to use the thought of my legs to keep wanking.
I know exactly what I'm doing. Your problem isn't that you're jerking off too much, it's that your brain is too confused by all the different images. Just focus all your sexual energy to my legs, feeling yourself getting closer to orgasm with each stroke. This will help with your addiction. You'll no longer want to look at other women. Visions of my perfection will fill your mind, and you'll find that you're becoming more devoted to me. You'll become addicted to me. This will replace your disgusting masturbation addiction. Sure, you'll want to touch yourself while worshipping me, but it will be a healthier addiction because there's less disconnect between you & another human being. Lady Fyre
You've been in a dark place, but now you'll feel a renewed sense of vitality. Your stroking will have purpose. Each time you touch yourself, you'll become more addicted to stroking to me. You'll be so grateful to me for curing you of your dirty habit & redirecting your sexual energy.

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