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Pauline Maxx - New foot friend

Pauline Maxx - New foot friend

Come in wearing sneakers and super dirty socks. Talk on phone to your new foot friend throughout clip. Kick off your shoes and mention smell of socks. Massage feet a little and sneak a scratch. "Wish you was here instead of on your stupid training for work." Tease camera with feet and tease talk about stinky socks and feet starting to itch. "So i have a surprise....i have been wearing the same socks since the day you left. Start scratching between toes and rubbing socked feet on each other. "Im going to wear them until you get back. Or until this itchy fungus drives me nuts. It flared up again." Talk about it and symptoms. Keep itching sometimes and teasing camera while on phone. Talk about couple of moments at work where your stinky itchy feet embarrassed someone. (Stunk up bathroom....boss saw me scratching....etc) End clip by taking off socks and taking sniff of them.

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