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Listen to Teacher

Frustrated teacher Helena Price is trying to discipline problem student Claire Black. Young Miss Black is exhibiting the typical "whatever" attitude so often seen in know-it-all teenagers. Helena gives Claire's exposed bottom a good whacking with her ruler to get the rude girl's attention. Unfortunately this backfires as Claire seems to actually enjoy the punishment. She squirms and moans in a manner suggesting she wants more of the same.

Helena decides to go in a different direction with a new tactic that will surely shake the unruly girl's world. Claire is told to remove the teacher's shoes and lick the bottoms of Helena's feet. Young Claire will never learn whatever lesson the teacher is pursuing because she loves this too! Claire has found heaven right there on the soles of teacher's beautiful feet.

Helena realizes that her attempts to discipline the naughty student have totally failed, but now she's enjoying the foot worship so much that she lets Claire continue. Besides, she's a hard working teacher and dealing with nasty brats all day isn't easy. If Helena can get Claire to service her feet on a regular basis it will be totally worth putting up with her crappy attitude.

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