» » Czech Soles - Karate Foot Smother And Domination

Czech Soles - Karate Foot Smother And Domination

Czech Soles - Karate Foot Smother And Domination

Natasa is Jack's younger sister. She practices several martial arts but she's quite small and Jack is always making fun of her. He calls her "little fighter" to mock her. Despite her skills in martial arts Jack as her older brother always gives her a hard time and Natasa is getting sick of it. This one time, Jack wants to watch the TV but Natasa is practicing her fighting skills right in front of the TV. Jack starts to poke her and he tries to make her to get lost now when he wants to watch TV. They start a little fight, Jack overconfident over his little sister but he don't know yet what his sister can do. Natasa gets mad at Jack for disturbing her and she decides to finish her today's practice by fighting Jack. He is not expecting that and Natasa manages to get behind him and she starts to choke him with her legs and arms. Jack is taken by surprise and in this position he can't even fight back, Natasa controls him now. She just waits until he will beg for mercy until he will surrender in humility. Jack tries to fight but Natasa knows what she's doing. Jack surrenders but his little sister wants to take this opportunity she has and she makes Jack kiss her feet and smell them. What a looser, beaten by his little sister, humiliated and forced to worship her feet...

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