» » Pleasures of the Sole - Goodbye to Summer Soles

Pleasures of the Sole - Goodbye to Summer Soles

Pleasures of the Sole - Goodbye to Summer Soles

It's that time of the year again! Schools are opening, the leaves change color, and girls are trading in their flip-flops for Ug boots - a very sad time of the year for foot fetishists, indeed. But even though summer is at an end, we're going out in style at Pleasures of the Sole! THREE pairs of the hottest feet we have discovered during the 2012 Summer Season are lined up on the bed for Kelli to worship ALL AT ONCE. Tia, with tiny size 3.5 feet. Desperately ticklish latina Samantha, with wrinkly size 8 feet. And finally, Boardwalk Jessica's HUGE size 11 feet round out the group. All of their feet have been freshly pedicured and look incredibly sexy next side by side.

Kelli takes her time worshipping the girls- feet, paying equal attention to all of them. Tia gasps and moans with pleasure every time Kelli's tongue comes in contact with her feet. Samantha moans and giggles - Kelli's tongue is just too soft not to tickle her! Jessica smirks and sneers, arching her back and gasping with pleasure whenever Kelli finds a particular sensitive spot on her sole. The girls can't get enough of Kelli's mouth - but there's three of them and only one of her, so it's not long before the girls get jealously of each other whenever Kelli pays a little too much attention to one of them. But they're soon distracted when KELLI DEEP THROATS EACH OF THEIR FEET!! Kelli goes down the line, starting with Jessica's huge size 11s, somehow cramming all five of her toes in her mouth all at once! Samantha's gorgeous soles are next, followed by Tia's tiny feet.

Now the girls are all really turned on and watch in lustful fascination as their fe continued to be expertly adored. All three girls are ticklish, especially Samantha and Tia, and Kelli makes sure to tickle their feet a few times with her nails. She makes the girls giggle and laugh, but she's mostly interested in worshipping their feet, and who can blame her??

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