» » Czech Soles - Two bratty girls' foot slave

Czech Soles - Two bratty girls' foot slave

Czech Soles - Two bratty girls' foot slave

Eliska and Megan are having lazy afternoon, they are laying on the bed planning tomorrow's big shopping while they agree they need a foot massage right now. Good thing they have a foot slave, who obeys all their commands and does everything these two bratty girls want him to do. They whistle at him and order him to massage their feet and he immediately comes and starts to rub their pretty feet. But the girls are not happy with it. He's not doing a very good job now and it's time to punish him. "Lets make him smell our sweaty feet. That's good. But I think I'll slap him using my feet so he will remember it. That will teach him to work hard for us". He has to take all this mistreating, the girls threatening him to kick him on the ground, stomping and trampling him until he will work as hard as they want. But both girls know he loves to be their foot slave, their foot bitch. He would do anything for their feet, so he could at least lick the bottoms of their shoes. And tomorrow he will prove it by going shopping with these mean girls and paying for anything they want. Such is a live of a foot slave.

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