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The Mean Girls - Spoiled Princess Kendall

The Mean Girls - Spoiled Princess Kendall

Ok, so I've always known I was hot. It's just like, a given. And I'm used to getting what I want and having guys basically throw themselves at my pretty little feet, begging for my attention. But my girlfriend told me about these losers that are sooo obsessed with feet that they will do like literally ANYTHING for them. LOL'so pathetic! So I am basically making this video to allow you foot losers to WORSHIP me- like I DESERVE. Let's face it, a foot freak like you would be LUCKY just to lick the red bottoms of my Louboutins! I'm like SO out of your league, old man!
And also I am looking for more losers to serve and spoil me in real life. So if you want my email address, I give it to you in this video. (And seriously, if you can't download this clip to get it, then you don't deserve to serve me!) The smart ones will use it to find my wishlist on amazon and buy me something even BEFORE contacting me- now that would impress me, loser! LOL (Or just send me an amazon giftcard to my address.) Don't be surprised if I don't respond to you if you can't do either of those things.

Oh, and for those that are wondering, my feet are super petite. They are like somewhere between a size 4 or 5 depending on the shoe.

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