» » Polish Mistress - Helena And Weronika - Joyful Domination

Polish Mistress - Helena And Weronika - Joyful Domination

Polish Mistress - Helena And Weronika - Joyful Domination

The women are friends and they are playing. Everything is to be done showing a lite joyful mood. They are playing and enjoying themselves. 1. Introduction - 1 min Weronika and Helena are sit on the sofa small talking. They laugh and joke and all... Then Helena proposes to play a game of "mortal fight". Weronika agrees, but she warns Helena that she is really good at fighting ! (The mood is always lite and joyful between them) Helena does not mind and the two start fighting. 2.Fight and Victory poses - 2 min Soon Helena understands that she is no match for Weronika and begs for mercy. Weronika answers that there will be no mercy and she's going to dispose Helena. (She is not serious! The mood is still lite and joyful. They are joking and playing). Helena keeps begging. Weronika stands up and orders Helena to stay on the floor and lie on her back. Weronika makes Victory poses, putting her foot on Helena chest, tits, face. When the foot is on the face, Helena has to kiss it. 3.Prostration (kowtowing) - I own you. - 2 min Weronika says that if she wants to live, Helena must shows her submission. Helena prostrates at Weronika's feet and begs for mercy. Weronika says that she can do better than that. Helena gets hold of one of Weronika's feet and place it on her own back-head proclaiming her total submission. (Helena plays sulky and total submission, Weronika total domination and weirdness. Remember they are PLAYING.). Weronika accepts the total submission and keeps the foot on Helena's back-head, mocking her. Weronika states that Helena is her slave and she owns her. Helena begs not to be killed. 4.Foot worship - 2 min Weronika makes her kiss her feet. Helena obeys playing total mortification. Weronika laughs openly playing baddest woman ever, and ordering to keep kissing her feet. (Weronika always standing, Helena still prostrated at her feet). 5.Hand kissing - 1 min Weronika sits on the sofa and says that Helena is no more allowed to sit there, that she must live at her feet. Obedient, Helena sit at Weronika's feet. Weronika offers her hand. Helena kisses it. 6 Foot-stool - 1 min. Weronika swithes on the TV and orders Helena to be her footstool. Helena obeys: Lies on the floor on her back accepting Weronika's feet on her tits and face. After a while, Weronika orders to kiss them and Helena obeys immediately.

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