» » Czech Soles - Made to worship her feet - part 1

Czech Soles - Made to worship her feet - part 1

Czech Soles - Made to worship her feet - part 1

Laura is making living as a therapist. She helps people with their problems, she listens to them and advises them on how to handle their life and their problems. Well and on occasion she helps her self too by taking advantage of her clients under . But as long as it helps them too, it's fine, right?

Charlie is a normal guy, who has a lot of troubles in life and at work especially. He's not happy at all and he's stressed out constantly. He needs some help and some valve which he can open once in a while and let it all out. There is something inside him, he just don't know what it is.

He made an appointment with Laura and he hopes she'll help him. Laura is good therapist, she listens to his problems and she believes she has a solution. But that would need Charlie to allow to be and completely in her hands. He agrees and Laura starts her magic, she makes him obedient to her and she wants to help Charlie but also her feet hurt and need a massage and some close attention...so why not put it all together and relax Charlie and help him by making him worship her feet and massage them and help Laura in this way. He will not remember anything anyway at the end...so what's the problem,right? It's not the first time she would do this after all. So shall we begin our session? Ready?

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