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Ruthless High Heels Trampling

Ruthless High Heels Trampling

It's just a pleasure watching Lady Katharina torturing her slave ruthless under her sexy high heel slingbacks. She steps on him and starts trampling him hard and brutal all the time! There is no break for the slave who suffers under Lady Katharinas weight and her elegant high heel shoes. The heels are very sharp from walking on the streets so she causes the human carpet a lot of pain leaving very much heel marks on his chest and belly! Her slave is moaning in pain gasping for air but Lady Katharina doesn't shows mercy! She smiles at him...she teases him showing the soles of the soles right above his face allowing him to kiss the shoes which causes him so much pain! This one is so hot! A must for all the Fans of merciless high heel full weight trampling!

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