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Princess Jasmin - Ignore #02

Princess Jasmin - Ignore #02

So you want to be my house slave thinking I'll be entertaining you 24/7, huh? Think again! When I don't have any work for you I'll just completely ignore you, you might as well be invisible. Hours of boredom and discomfort don't appeal to you? Tough luck! You're a slave, I don't care what you want. In this clip I'll give you a taste of what it will be like. You will be kneeling on the uncomfortable hardwood floor while I'm relaxing on my bed and playing with my phone. I won't look at you, I won't speak to you, you don't exist! All you can do is stare at my sexy feet while trying to ignore the discomfort in your knees. I don't want to hear a sound from you and don't even think about touching yourself or I'll give you the beating of a lifetime. Playtime is over, better get used to it, this is what your life as my slave will be like!

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