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Goddess Christina - Losing Yourself

Goddess Christina - Losing Yourself

You want your addiction to deepen. You want it to go so deep that you cant even begin find your way out. I can help you with that. I want the same thing for you that you need for yourself. You desire me more than anything. You long to please me. Well the truth is I always get what I want - and you are already well on your way to your endless pit. Every time you see me you become weak. You are no match to my power. I draw you in with my seductive movements and my wise words as you look at me. Its all apart of my wicked plan to suck you in. To suck you dry. To make you my play thing. Youve tried to beat your obsession - your need for me - but here you are again. You cant free yourself of me. You dont have the self control or willpower thats necessary to do that. You always come running right back addicted even further from the realization of your own short comings. And why is that? Ill tell you why

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