» » Alix Lynx - pantyhosed bimbo transformation

Alix Lynx - pantyhosed bimbo transformation

Alix Lynx - pantyhosed bimbo transformation

I’m a nerdy scientist, just getting back from an office party. I had just one cocktail while I was there. The party was super lame and creepers were hitting on me so I took off. When I finally get home I sit down to talk to my husband, complaining about how there were a few old rich guys there who were staring at me and hitting on me even though they know I’m married! UGH, the nerve! As I talk, the cocktail slowly transforms me into a bimbo. First I’m airheaded but sweet, giggly and seductive. Then my husband mentions he’s broke, and I become a stuck up, gold-digging valley girl. I mock and humiliate my husband with the voice/mannerisms of a super ditzy, bitchy teenage girl. I notice him staring at my pantyhosed feet and take off my shoes, shoving my feet in his face, continuing to make fun of him. Then SUDDENLY, one of the pervy old guys from the party calls me, but I’m all about him now, because duh, he’s really rich!! I flirt with him shamelessly, right in front of my husband. He asks me something about science, and I have no idea what he’s talking about, and who cares?!? I just wanna go shopping! The guy convinces me to leave my husband, that he’ll come pick me up and take me downtown. Sorry, hubby. You’re broke. Don’t wait up for me, because IDK when I’ll be back! (Custom

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