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Lisa Jordan - High for princess

Lisa Jordan - High for princess

Custom: I would like you to get me fucked up on p**pers. You know I’d do anything for you, especially when I’m high. Tell me to sniff, over and again. Get my heart racing for you. When I’m high you know I become your slut. Call me a slut. Your slut. Get me high, tell me to get my dildo out, lube it up and fuck my arse for you. I love your feet. I’d love them to control me too. Imagining sucking on your toes while I get high and fuck my arse. Tell me to repeat things after you. Really control me and get me messed up for you. Lick your lips, tell me to sniff, inhale your feet and p**pers, show me your arse. A comment about you pegging me might be good while you make eye contact with me. Give me a countdown. I’d love to fuck myself until I cum. If you can mention my name, Tom, that would be great. Around 10-12 minutes.

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