» » Goddess Zephy – Lick my boots, bitch

Goddess Zephy – Lick my boots, bitch

Goddess Zephy – Lick my boots, bitch

What could be more humiliating then having to be down on all fours, licking the crud off an alpha woman’s boot soles??? I command my boot bitch to stick out his tongue and crawl forth until it connects to my boot sole…then await further orders, just to add even more humiliation. The streets are particularly grimy this time of year and I was out and about ALL day–I want my Gianmarco boots shining like new! so my lil dumbass begins licking all the slime off the dirty soles. What have I stepped in? who knows…who cares. Why the fuck would I even bother looking where I walk when I have a bitch at home who’ll lick my footwear clean? As a boot slave, when I raise my ankle and display the soiled sole of my boot, you lick!!! I LOVE when my slave’s tongue turns grey and I can hear little crunchy sounds in his teeth lol!!! he has to suck on my boot soles and heels and swallow everything I’ve stepped in–it’s blessed since I walked in it!! When my boots are finally clean and spotless, I dismiss dum dum with a slap to the face. What an idiot!!

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