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Goddess Zephy – Goddess Worship

Goddess Zephy – Goddess Worship

This clip displays normal, every day type of general goddess worship– my servant brings me a drink, lint rolls my black leggings, licks my shoes, massages my legs, acts as my foot rest and totally worships my feet down on his knees where he belongs. I know that obeying my every little command makes him rock hard, and he nearly cums in his pants from licking my goddess feet. he has to slow down a few times to stop his release (chastity is enforced, per my command). I love when he very slowly peels off my high heel and is immediately hit with the fresh, potent scent of my superior feet– right into sub space! I own him. he is putty for my feet to mold as I see fit.

If you are curious as to what my life is generally like when I have downtime and just want to relax for a bit, then this clip is perfect. I basically decided to just start the cam for this one particular time. Enjoy! ?

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