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Goddess Madam Violet - Feet First

Goddess Madam Violet - Feet First

My ass and My tits are intensely and instantly arousing for all men, but you slave, you are utterly obsessed with My feet. You love My juicy BIG TITS and perfect ASS…but just LOOK at those FEET slave. So perfectly distracting, deeply mesmerising. Stroke for My feet, even though My peachy ass is right in your face, could you imagine if you jerked your load all OVER these wrinkly soles…yes slave, you would fucking LOVE it. These feet make you so hard, My long toes and perfect arches…. Cum for My feet slave, not My perfect ass or My perfect tits…YOU are obsessed with My FEET… Layered hipn0tic commands ensure you’re fluffy minded and hard as a rock for Me, whispered words mould your mind…My sexy FEET are what your DICK craves…now CUM for My feet like the slave you are… Contains: hipnosis, layered voice track, binaural tones, imbedded commands, foot worship, ass worship, JOI, tit worship, femdom pov, foot domination.

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