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Goddess Zephy – Foot hypnotism

Goddess Zephy – Foot hypnotism

As if I didn’t already have him whipped enough, I decide to see what happens when I use my enchanting foot to mesmerize the feeble mind of my lil dumbass. To weaken test subject’s mind, I first dangle my petite shoe for a bit, then let it ‘plop’ to the floor….I notice an immediate change in disposition, interesting. Hmmm… I raise my leg up and gently move the ball of my scented little foot back and forth under his nose, and use my pedicured toes to play with his lips. Look at those eyes gloss over– also seems to be some sort of growth in his pants. VERY strange indeed. Curious, I begin rotating my ankle and moving my little foot in a circular pattern (mental note: dum dum’s face appears to follow the exact movement of my foot). It seems he has fully entered some sort of foot-like trance. Now a test: presenting the sole, I snap my fingers– his face instantly collapses into my little foot!! he is completely under my foot spell… but what happens now? What should I make him do? To my utter hilarity, I watch my mindless puppet perform a different humiliating act of worship with each hand gesture: snapping my fingers, slapping his face, clapping my hands together, spitting in his face…and finally forming a motionless object for me to rest my princess feet on! Success! Think I’ll keep him like this forever…..

Foot slaves are SO easy to entrance and manipulate with my cute little feet.. ?

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