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Mo Rina - poses her feet for you

Mo Rina - poses her feet for you

You and MoRina are co-workers, and you’ve been admiring her perfect feet for a while. You finally told her about your foot fetish photography and that you’d like her to pose for your site. She quickly agreed and the video begins as she invites you into her home to pose her feet for you. She pulls off her socks and shoes to reveal the most amazing mature milf feet you’ve ever seen. You finally get to see them completely bare as she shows them off for your camera. She chats about her feet and foot fetishes in general as she changes poses to give you shots of every angle! She suggests different camera angles for you – it’s obvious she knows her feet are sexy and she wants you to capture that! Clearly she enjoys posing for you, as you enjoy watching and photographing her high arches, soft pink wrinkly soles as she moves and flexes her feet and scrunches and spreads her toes!

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