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Ceara Lynch - Back To The Farm

Ceara Lynch - Back To The Farm

When I find a loyal slave that will do practically anything I command, especially as a devoted foot worshiper, I have to keep them under my control. So, when I find a slave with mommy issues and cant separate himself from sucking her tit, then I step in and convince mom that their little boy is all grown up and belongs to me now. They may try and persuade their boy that this isn't the best choice and try to steal my slaves back, but I know how loyal my slaves are to me. All I have to do is get mom out of the picture somehow Once I do, I tell you all about what I have done to your poor mommy and how humiliated she will be if I ever let her go. The fact that I have done something so terrible to your own mother and you are still groveling at my feet ready to service me proves that you are broken and truly under my power.

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