» » Legends of the Dark Plume! (Elf) Quest for the Red Feather!

Legends of the Dark Plume! (Elf) Quest for the Red Feather!

Legends of the Dark Plume! (Elf) Quest for the Red Feather!

Elf princess, Fae D’Cay has been sent from Alfheim to recover the Red Feather of Truth, hidden somewhere in the mortal realm. When she arrives and begins her search, she suspects from her surroundings that whoever has the feather is very dangerous. Little does she know just how dangerous! Too late, she realizes, as the Ticklante appears behind her. He subdues her quickly and ties her up!

Not sure why Fae is creeping around his place, he asks what an elf is doing here. When she refuses to talk, he removes her shoes and warns her that there will be ticklish consequences to her silence! But, Fae doesn’t even know what the work “tickling” means, so Ticklante shows her … and she becomes clear on the concept very quickly!

Fae’s tender, little feet dodge, squirm and flail about as she squeals, shrieks and guffaws, begging for mercy! She finds this manner of interrogation to be barbaric, which only spurs Ticklante on! Fae cackles and thrashes about, trying to maintain herself, but losing it bit by bit! Will she be able to keep her mission a secret? Will she even leave the mortal realm with her sanity intact? Find out now, in this customer-written tickle fantasy!

Keywords: female desperation, toe wiggling, foot tickle interrogation, wrinkled soles, feather tickling, ticklante, tickling small feet, tickling with hairbrush, male tickling female, LAUGHING, BAREFOOT, FOOT TICKLING

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