» » Princess Amai - Ruining Your Vacation With My Feet

Princess Amai - Ruining Your Vacation With My Feet

Princess Amai - Ruining Your Vacation With My Feet

You are Amai’s foot slave but you had to go on vacation. And while you’re away, she sends you a little video message to let you know how she’s doing without you. This is her video diary to you…

Do you miss my cute little feet? I know you do. And like I told you, I don’t need you here to take care of me. I’m fine all by myself. But sometimes it is nice to have help and it doesn’t need to be you. You’re expendable. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone away, you see I already have someone to replace you. And he came the second you walked out the door. You’re not special, just look how quickly and easily I replaced you.

He can take care of my feet just as good as you did. Losers like you are a dime a dozen. You know you’re not special, right? Are you jealous? I’ll bet you are. I know you want it to be you who is pampering my feet. All I had to do is send out one email asking who can get here first, and I had a replacement within minutes. I had guys begging me to let me replace you. You’re so replaceable.

You fucked up and now somebody is else is washing my feet and taking care of my needs. I’ll bet the second you see this you’re going to go into a panic and come running home as fast as you can. I’m going to completely destroy your little vacation that you shouldn’t have gone on in the first place. Now you’re just my little foot cuckold and it’s all your fault.

Watch as this loser washes my feet, dries them and rubs lotion all over them. He’s doing all the things you should be doing and you know what? He’s quite good at it. And so is the one who was here yesterday and the day before. I might not even need you anymore. So was this little vacation worth it? I know you’re panicking right now and you should be. There are so many guys that want to take your place. I mean did you really think I was going to take care of myself? You know I need to be pampered at all times. I’ve grown accustomed to it thanks to you.

You poor thing, maybe next time you’ll use your brain and realize that you are completely replaceable. And now you won’t even be able to enjoy your vacation, lol. Hurry home, lol.

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