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Worship Jasmine - Enslaving Nick

Worship Jasmine - Enslaving Nick

I would like Jasmine to show the soles of her feet during the video. Please can you wear tan colour tights for the first 5 mins and barefeet for the remaining 5 mins. Could you make the camera show your feet and your face, so not too zoomed into the feet. During the video can you describe a scenario where u have me tied up and helpless and you want to get info from me. Describe how you would force me to smell your very smelly feet in your tights and then barefeet which are the smelliest they have been and also smell your smelliest pair of shoes.

Then how you would tickle torture me without mercy, slow and teasing at first and then harder all over my body, while still forcing your smelly feet in my face. Tell me what you would use to tickle me, your fingers, a feather, a brush and which areas u would tickle the most. When I tell you everything you want to know tell me I will be yours forever to tickle and force to smell your smelly feet. Please use my name, Nick, in the custom

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