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Iveta - Hard Footgagging

Iveta - Hard Footgagging

we have superphantastic news! first: iveta is back. but even better. she moves her home location from the middle of germany very much nearer to us so we can easily now produce a lot of stuff. by time we writing this we already made 22 (!) new clips and already dated next 2 shootings. so for all fans of this incredible beautiful lady - good times (singing) :)

first new clip is an action clip! iveta is sitting on a chair looking hot as usual wearing a tight black catsuit uniform and on her adorable foot she wears leather boots. she orders her slave to crawl over to her asking him some trapping questions, where he just can fail.

then he is ordered to take her boots of and his mistress watches him carefully with her eyes. her feet are for sure sweaty by beeing in those boots all day long with bare feet.

but iveta wont make it too easy for him to clean her feet as she has plans for today to train her slave in footgagging. he is ordered all the time to open his mouth as wide as he can and to relax. "the more you are relaxed the deeper my feet will go into your throat slave" and as all the time the methods of iveta are very effective. and when he doesnt get all the toes in his mouth she will help him a lil bit by getting the leash tighter.

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