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Roxana Rae - Cum to Converse

Roxana Rae - Cum to Converse

Listen , I am well aware of your total infatuation with Me , it happens all the time with little beta boys like you. I mean , I can 't really blame you , for falling in love with Me , for doing whatever I tell you to do , like a little bitch boy should and worshiping the ground I walk on , even though I have absolutely no respect for you , treat you like a pathetic little loser and take full advantage of your pathetic , completely hopeless attempts to impress Me , get My attention , or even just be noticed by a Goddess like Me who is clearly too good for a weak little loser boy like you. The most pathetic part of the whole thing though , is that , even you know that what I am saying is true , I would never date , you , BUT I have decided that there is something that I am going to have you do …. Did you think I haven 't noticed how you are always staring and drooling over My perfect little feet , I know they drive you crazy when you beat your little meat. What I am going to do , I make a proper little foot bitch out of you. You can 't fuck me , date me , but I had these stinky old converse on all day and I need My feet rubbed in the worst way. You are going to worship these stinky , sweaty feet for Me and become a Pussy Free Foot Bitch for Roxy!

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